Chicago Psychoanalytic Society
Scientific Presentation

The Analyst’s Vision of the
Patient and Therapeutic Action

May 24, 1999

Northwestern Dental School
240 E. Huron Rm 3380
7:00 pm

Presenter: Frank Summers, Ph.D., ABPP

As psychoanalytic therapy shifts from a conflict resolution theory to a model of self realization, the analyst's vision of the patient takes on a role in the process that did not exist in the traditional psychoanalytic model. This paper builds on Loewald's (1960) concept of the analyst as "behind" because he or she can only build from the patient's spontaneous productions and yet "ahead" in that the analyst goes beyond the patient's material to construct an image of whom the analysand can become. In this way, the future becomes a prominent component of the analytic process. The famous case of Ann O. is used to demonstrate the deleterious effects of failing to include the analyst's vision in the treatment process. This case is contrasted with the contemporary treatment of a young woman that illustrates the use of the analyst's vision in the conduct of psychoanalytic treatment.

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