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Newsletter of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | October 1998 Newsletter

President’s Message

by Henry Evans, MD

As the fall season begins so we begin another year of activities in our Society. After months of hard work, our Program Committee, chaired by Virginia Barry, and including Charles Jaffe, Lallene Rector, Jim Fisch, Colin Pereira-Webber and Steve Flagel, has created an interesting and varied set of presentations. Susan Fisher's thought-provoking reappraisal of autism and the equally probing discussion by Martha McClintock have gotten our Scientific Meetings off to a rousing start. In October, Helena Besserman Vianna, a Brazilian analyst, will present disturbing material involving ethical impasses in psychoanalytic societies. Her paper will be formally discussed by Bernard Rubin. Together, I am sure they will stir significant discussion and reflection amongst us. The balance of the year's programs promises to be equally rewarding.

Unfortunately, we also begin the year in great sadness. We have all been mourning the deaths of Harold Balikov and Tom Pappadis. Over the years each of them has contributed greatly to our Society as well as devoting themselves, respectively, to the causes of child and adolescent analysis and psychotherapy in Chicago and to the development and enrichment of the Institute. Both of them are sorely missed. They are being commemorated in eulogies at our Scientific Meetings - Barrie Childress for Harold Balikov in September and Kenneth Newman for Tom Pappadis in October.

As I have noted in a previous column, the Executive Committee has been active in planning new ways in which the interests of our members can be served. By now you have received a memo announcing the creation of the Society Prize. This award for an original paper, either clinically or theoretically oriented, will be available on an annual basis, rotating yearly between Candidate and other members. The full details can be found in the memo. Our other program, the Society Matinees, is now entering its second year. In June, Martha Schneider gave a highly informative overview of contemporary photography at her gallery, to the pleasure of all who attended. Our first program for this year, an afternoon of music organized by Herb Cibul, has had to be postponed due to unforseeable delays associated with a household move. We will inform you about the replacement date. I also invite you to contact me or Phil Lebovitz with your own ideas for how to spend a few casual, enjoyable hours with other Society members around common interests. We want to arrange programs that will appeal to as many different members of our Society and any significant others as possible. Are you interested in discussing a book, play or movie? How about something active, indoors or out? Or a potluck dinner using a particular ethnic cuisine? A Super Bowl party? A picnic when spring comes around? A wine tasting led by some of our Society members who have an interest in wine? We will be delighted to hear from you, whether about any of these possibilities or with suggestions of your own!

In other initiatives, you will soon be receiving a proposal and guidelines for the establishment of an Analyst Assistance Committee as a new standing committee of the Society. This proposal has been twice discussed at Business Meetings and has been carefully developed using feedback from those discussions and from discussions within the Executive Committee and with legal council. We ask that you carefully review the material and return your ballot in a timely fashion.

In keeping with a recommendation from the American, we are also planning to identify a member who will act as a local liaison regarding health care legislation. In this era of unprecedented challenges to the provision of mental health care, the Executive Committee unanimously supports this initiative as a necessary means for keeping our members up to date on legislative issues and dangers.

Finally, in concert with Jerry Winer as Director of the Institute, we are also actively discussing a program through which Society members can establish a kind of "analytic will." Such a program would address the too frequent uncertainty, over the past years, of how to deal with current patients, records, issues of billing and payment, etcetera when one of our members dies. This might be corrected by establishing guidelines and asking each member to designate another member as keeper of a sealed, updated set of information. Although it is a difficult issue to address it seems a necessary part of looking out for the best interests of our patients.

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | October 1998 Newsletter