The Analytic Observer

Newsletter of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | March 1998 Newsletter

The Candidate Connection

by Elizabeth F. Feldman, PhD, Treasurer

The Candidates’ Association for 1997-98 is alive and well and pleased to be asked to contribute to The Analytic Observer. For the last few years our agenda has focused on increased inclusion and participation in the academic functioning of the Institute and more open dialogue with faculty and administration, especially concerning curriculum, evaluation of learning, progression and the cost and duration of training. Currently, candidates participate on most Institute committees. The level of candidate participation and inclusion in committee decision-making depends on the committee.

The Candidates’ Association meets quarterly and has invited representative from Institute Committees, most recently the Progression Committee, to respond to candidate questions and explain committee procedures. Dr. Kenneth Newman, Dean of the Institute, attended our January meeting. In addition to providing a forum for discussing academic concerns, the Candidates’ Association offers members and faculty opportunities to meet more informally. This year our annual Fall Welcome party was organized by Drs. Joanne Marengo (president-elect) and Lauren Kern (president) and held at Mantuano. Dr. Michael Hoit received the Joan Fleming Teaching Award from the candidates at the event, which was well attended and enjoyed by both candidates and faculty. Spring 1998 programs are in planning.

Candidates appreciate being included in Society events. We are kept informed of Society Council meetings by our representative, Dr. Ann Kaplan (past president) and look forward to working with you in the future.

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | March 1998 Newsletter