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Newsletter of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | March 1998 Newsletter

The Institute Connection

by Tom Pappadis, MD, Director


I hope that all of you will join us in the celebration of the 65th year of the founding of the Chicago Institute. The conference on Neuroscience on March 21-22 is drawing much interest locally and nationally and will be addressing recent advances in the nature of mentation and their relationship to psychoanalysis.

On April 30, we will have our second annual Education Fair at which all our educational programs will be presented to any interested professionals. It will provide an opportunity to learn from one another about the many activities of the Institute.

The American Psychoanalytic Association will be conducting a Site Visit of the Institute from April 15-19, and invites any member of the faculty or society to meet with them if they so wish. We have organized a very broad schedule including observations of supervisions and classes, interviews with students and candidates, recent graduates, faculty and members of the Society.

Please save the date for the Annual Benefit, which will be held on Saturday evening, June 13 at the Union League Club. I hope that all of you will join us at this gala affair.

The diversity of theoretical interests and explorations has been the hallmark of the Chicago Institute. It is in this tradition that we explore the frontiers of knowledge, best exemplified by this year’s conference on neuroscience. Along with this, however, our many conferences continue to focus on hermeneutics, self psychology, intersubgjecttivity and applied psychoanalysis within the humanities, just to name a few.

Presentations at the Wednesday afternoon research meeting will range from studies on creativity and flow to aspects of clinical theory and its application to our analytic work. We will continue to explore all that is relevant to psychoanalysis and, in doing so, perpetuate the tradition of the Chicago Institute in the ongoing dialogues within our faculty and students. We hope that you will continue to be part of this Chicago tradition.

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | March 1998 Newsletter