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Newsletter of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | March 1998 Newsletter

President’s Message

by Henry Evans, MD

Plans for the Institute/Society-sponsored March 21-22 Conference, "Psychoanalysis, Neurobiology and Therapeutic Change," celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the Institute for Psychoanalysis, are moving into their final phase. Registration has been growing steadily and we expect to have a large and diverse audience, reflecting numerous disciplines and drawing from several parts of the country. Going by attendance at preconference meetings and by purchases of packets of reading material, interest and curiosity is at quite a high level. Those attending the preconference meeting held at the Institute on Saturday, February 14 were treated to a highly informative, stimulating and clear presentation by Tom Jobe, MD from UIC. His presentation spanned from neuropsychiatry and neurophysiology to studies of post-traumatic and dissociative states. He offered a fascinating variety of information relevant to topics which will be discussed at the conference, a considerable amount of his information having resonance with and implications for practice. The conference promises to be one example of high level interdisciplinary discussion, relevant to further development of analytic theory and clinical technique. I very much encourage all Society members to attend.

The election for Society officers will be held this Spring. At the time of this writing, nominations are being sought for positions of President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Councilor and Alternate Councilor. The one year President-Elect position implies a four year commitment, with two years as President and one as Immediate Past President. The other officers serve for two years. A list of nominees is to be presented at the February Scientific Meeting, with nominations taken from the floor as well, whereupon nominations will be closed.

The public relations and marketing effort, jointly sponsored by the Institute and Society, will be reviewed following the conference in March. Both the Joint Committee and the Society officers are interested in ongoing assessment and development of this program. The overall aim is to identify and serve the evolving interests and concerns of Society members. The increase in our dues now allows us to consider a broader variety of efforts than was previously feasible. Feedback about the present public relations and marketing efforts and suggestions for enhancing them will be welcome. Such comments may be directed to members of the Joint Committee or to any Society officer.

Mark Levey, Prudy Leib and David Spira reported that their meetings with members of the Jungian Institute were both well received and personally gratifying. Discussion of dream material presented from a Jungian perspective, with discussion by our representatives, was followed by a second meeting in which the format was reversed. Our representatives were warmly received and discussion was lively. The Executive Committee is now discussing a format in which representatives from the Jung Institute can meet with a group in interested people.

The first gathering of the Society Matinees series was held on Sunday, February 8 at the home of Robert Gordon and Sophie Haroutunian Gordon. Performance of a Mozart piano quartet was followed by lively conversation, accompanied by light snacks and wine. All who attended were quite enthused, enough so that an October music program was planned on the spot, to be held at the home of Herb and Georgia Cibul.

The next Matinees program will be held on Sunday, April 19, with Eric Plaut giving a talk on Richard Strauss. On June 28, Martha Schneider will speak and invite discussion on contemporary photography. Notices for each will be mailed. The purposes behind this program are to serve those parts of the Society's mission involving the fostering of collegiality and fellowship among members and to facilitate member involvement in Society-sponsored activities. To accent opportunities for more inclusiveness and more varied contacts among members, the Executive Committee decided to organize meetings around the interests of any and all members and any spouses or partners as well. We also extend invitations to Candidates in general and encourage Candidate members to invite other Candidates and to suggest topics of particular interest to them. The Society Matinees Committee (Phil Lebovitz, Ann Kaplan and myself) encourages you to provide us with ongoing feedback about this program and to give suggestions for future meetings. Feedback will also be sought at the Business Meeting in April. There is no set format for these gatherings and meeting times could likely be varied to fit particular interests. The overall idea is to gather casually, to encourage the comfortable sharing of a wide variety of interests and to enjoy ourselves, enhancing bonds among all who attend.

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | March 1998 Newsletter