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Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | December 1997 Newsletter

The Society Goes Online

To many society members, the World Wide Web is like a Model T Ford. Kind of cranky, won't always start up when you want it to run and seems to break down for no good reason. For all those members who have struggled with the web's aches and pains, quirks and strains, the Society's executive committee is determined to update the Society's Web Page.

Not to be outdone by organizations such as the American Psychoanalytic Association, The New York Institute or the Self Psychologists, we have engaged a Webmaster. He just happens to be David Wolf, Ernie's son. David is an expert at web pages and replaces Leo Weinstein who for a while took it upon himself to create and run the previous web page. Unfortunately, web pages require too much tinkering for novices such as we.

Presently, the web site contains the history of the Society, its mission, a directory of all the Society members, a calendar of events and a copy of the Newsletter.

The present policy is that only the author of the Newsletter article may approve its use on the web. The executive committee wishes that only the author determine if they wish to expose their article to this extensive public forum. Summaries of the Society's Tuesday evening presentations, book chapters or articles written by Society members could be included if the membership wished and the copyrights were cleared. In fact, any comments about this plan or contributions to the web page could be sent to the editor of this Newsletter who is also acting liaison with the webmaster.

Hits on the web page over the next year will be tallied to determine if indeed the world wide web is a useful way of communicating with our community and the rest of the world, and to avoid the prospect that the Executive committee has created, involuntarily, another Edsel.

The web page can be reached through:

Get out your surfer and ride the wave on the Society's future.... ie log on!



Webmaster's Note: Welcome!

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | December 1997 Newsletter