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Newsletter of the Chicago Psychoanalytic Society

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | December 1997 Newsletter

The Institute Connection

by Tom Pappadis, M.D.

This fall has been filled with scientific discussions covering the broadest range of theoretical and clinical issues facing psychoanalysis today. We will continue in this vein as we approach our major conference in March exploring Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis to culminate the celebration of the Institute's 65th anniversary.

Our diversity of theoretical positions remains a constant in our discussion of intersubjectivity and self psychology, object relations and libido theory. And, somehow we have remained under one roof. In fact, the activity at 122 S. Michigan continues at a high level.

I believe we are facing two challenges as an educational institution. The first is defining the essentials of psychoanalysis and to what degree of immersion and depth can we import those concepts to our candidates. Can we, as a diverse faculty, agree on standards of excellence to be achieved in areas such as the understanding of interpsychic reality, analytic process, transference, resistance and therapeutic alliance just to name a few? The second challenge is addressing the current state of scholarship and doing what we can to improve. First, starting with the faculty and extending to all graduates and candidates, finding ways to stimulate writing, publishing and presentations amongst our colleagues. I would like to see study groups and workshops form around areas of common interest. I would encourage more of you to present your work, ongoing, unfinished, in progress or whatever at the Wednesday afternoon research seminar at the Institute. I believe this would have a stimulating effect upon all.

I would hope to continue the involvement of the Institute and the Society using small groups to exchange ideas. These groups would, like brushfires, ignite our analytic community with a synergistic effect on the scientific productivity of all. I believe too that such an effort would be well rewarded for each individual in professional growth and satisfaction.

Please inform me or the Dean of your current scientific interests so that they can be collated and directed either through the Division of Research, seminars and presentations or to like-minded study groups or workshops.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society | December 1997 Newsletter